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Why Nannies Make Our Family Stronger

In the US, 55% of moms are working. With the busy schedules and the absence of public day care centers in the country, looking for affordable and gentle options for your kiddos while you’re at work is something that is easier said than done. Before you post to Craigslist and then head down to the beach with the kids in the beach stroller, it’s important to understand that looking for good nannies could take time, but once you have found the right one, your kids, and your whole family can feel the magic.

nannies_01Being a nanny isn’t just about baby-sitting—there’s a big, big difference. Babysitters are just paid to ensure that the house won’t end up getting burned down and the kids are fed and happy while the parents spend just a few hours away. Nannies, on the other hand, raise kids like they’re their own while parents are working. Altogether, they also do the carpool task, lifeguarding, cooking, teaching, and other household and parental responsibilities. The only difference is that at the end of the day, the nanny doesn’t get to keep the kids. However, they’re the one who get all the throw ups and spit ups and poop. Yes, all the gory stuff.

Most importantly, a nanny takes care of the whole family. A good nanny stays at your home, like she’s actually a part of it. She takes pleasure in doing the household tasks on your behalf, so by the time you reach home, you will no longer have to face the pile of dishes to wash, the load of laundry to do, and the whole house of mess to clean up. Instead, you’ll just get home and face your little angels whom you haven’t seen all day. Nannies help you get the kind of balance you need to raise good children. The time you have left after work can be spent happily with hugs, and kisses, and cuddles from your spouse and kids. All this while the nanny stares from afar with a satisfied smile.nannies_02

Your nanny will also fill the constant care and affection the kids need while you’re away. Nannies are passionate in taking care of your kids, even if they’re not hers. They will genuinely love your little humans and enjoy the whole time serving and being a part of your happy family.

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